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Google announces custom URLs for Google+

In another move to reduce the gap between features of Google+ and Facebook, Google recently announced they are rolling out custom URLs for Google+ profiles, rather than the current ones (for example: which are quite messy and unattractive. The new URLs are long overdue, with other social media platforms having had them for years, and once available to everyone will no doubt make Google+ more attractive for digital marketing.So far the URLs are only avail..... Read more

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Technology Alert: Mind Reading Tech

Brace yourselves – mind reading technology is officially on its way! Facebook’s experimental technologies division a.k.a. Building 8 have announced that they’re working on ‘optical neuro-imaging systems’. In other words Facebook is attempting to develop a mind reading technology that would enable people to convey and type messages with their brain at up to 100 words per minute. Along with letting you type with your thoughts, the group has also hinted at its’ plans of allowing you to “hear with y..... Read more

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What YouTube’s Global advertiser boycott means for Google

Within the past decade, YouTube has become a video hosting giant used for entertainment, advertisements, music, businesses ventures and more. But has its growth finally come to a halt? In the past week major consumer brands have pulled their ads from YouTube after they started appearing alongside racist, misogynistic and extremist content. The boycott was initiated in late February after the Times Newspaper found BBC programs advertised among videos posted by former Ku Klux Klan member David Duk..... Read more

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Google Possum Update: Has Your Listing Disappeared from Local Map Results?

The New Google Possum Algorithm May Cause Listings to ‘Play Dead’ During September 2016, there was a significant update made to the local algorithm which caused many business owners and webmasters to think their local listing had disappeared from Google’s local pack results. However, a more refined inquest has found that Google has implemented a filtering method within search engine results – hence the discovery of the Possum algorithm. This algorithm update affects local search results, putting..... Read more

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Breaking News: Google now has a parent company, Alphabet

Major news today is that Google is doing a major overhaul of the company and a rebrand of its corporate entity. The new entity is known as ‘Alphabet’. The change in structure makes sense. Google was founded on their search product, but overall as a company, they offer far more and varying services/solutions that in no-way relate to search. E.g. Good examples are Google’s health efforts: Life Sciences (that works on the glucose-sensing contact lens), and Calico (focused on longevity of life and t..... Read more

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How much do you trust Facebook?

Social media pushes to include online banking. An interesting question this one, guaranteed to have mixed answers, and for some people the question would need to be rephrased as ‘do you trust Facebook at all?’ The question stems from recent news that Facebook has been working with some of Australia’s banks, designing a system for users to be able to make payments through their Facebook profile directly from their bank account. Would you trust Facebook to connect with your bank ..... Read more

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New Google Webmaster Tools Linking Tool potentially on the way.

Earlier this week Google’s Matt Cutts mentioned a new Webmaster Tools feature which may be headed our way soon. The tool will enable webmasters to disavow particular links pointing to their site, in other words, we’ll be able to tell Google “Hey, this link to us is from a dodgy or suspicious source, please ignore it”. It’s an interesting (and almost controversial) move, as it was only recently Google hinted that bad links CAN have a negative impact on your website (i.e. Negative SEO). Until then..... Read more

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Google+ Social Network

Facebook better watch out because it’s just the beginning of the Google+ Social Network. Still in its trial period, the main aim is to enable sharing and interaction between friends and groups of friends through personal connections. But what does Google have that Facebook doesn’t? They are the largest search engine on the planet and they are focusing on features that Facebook lacks. There are four main elements: Circles Hangouts Sparks Huddle Instant Upload Circles Like everyday life, you hav..... Read more

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Microsoft Bing rises to 30% in the Search Market

Google should be a little nervous. According to a recent report from Hitwise in March 2011, Microsoft dominated 30% if of all searches, 14.32% from and 15.69% from Yahoo Search. Below compares Google and Bing’s market share in the last 6 months: Source: Mashable Below is a forecast if the trend continues: Source: Mashable With all the changes Google has made in the past 12 months, Google’s loss of traffic could have a lot to do with the fact that users may be turning to the other search..... Read more

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The Panda Update

Yes, Google has made another algorithm change, the Panda Update. This change has had more significant impact on how websites rank in search results than many of their previous updates, and as usual, many sites have seen significant losses in positioning. The Panda update has largely focussed on content, and the quality of that content. The aspects of content Google has really cracked down on are duplicate content, and quality measures such as how well content is written. Forums across the web in..... Read more

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